How to Store Pool Floats: Inflatable Pool Float Storage Ideas for Winter

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How to Store Pool Floats: Inflatable Pool Float Storage Ideas for Winter

Proper inflatable pool float storage is crucial for preserving their lifespan and maintaining safety. Many owners face the challenge of finding efficient storage solutions that maximize space without compromising the integrity of their floats. We’re here to help.

As experts in inflatable pool floats, we at Splash Sports are here to guide you through both how to store pool floats for winter and short-term solutions. 

From innovative wall-mounted racks to dual-purpose outdoor furniture and ceiling-suspended nets, we've got a plethora of pool float storage ideas to keep your floats safe and organized. 

And when it's time to refresh your collection for the upcoming season, Splash Sports is your go-to destination for top-quality inflatable pool floats. Let’s start by highlighting why properly storing pool floats can’t be taken lightly…

The Importance of Proper Pool Float Storage

Proper storage of pool floats is not just a matter of organization; it's essential for ensuring their longevity and safety. High-quality pool floats, like those offered by Splash Sports, are investments for both personal enjoyment and business use. When stored correctly, these floats can last for multiple seasons, providing continual enjoyment and reducing the need for frequent replacements.

  • Preventing Damage and Wear: Pool floats are susceptible to wear and tear, especially when left exposed to the elements. Sun damage can fade colors and degrade materials, while improper storage can lead to punctures or deformation. By storing pool floats properly, you safeguard them against these risks, preserving their appearance and functionality.
  • Safety Considerations: Proper storage also involves safety. Poorly stored floats can create tripping hazards or become breeding grounds for mold and mildew if not dried and stored correctly. For businesses, this aspect is crucial to maintaining a safe environment for customers.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Investing in quality storage solutions for pool floats is cost-effective in the long run. It extends the life of the product, ensuring that businesses and individual owners get the most out of their investment. Regular replacement due to poor storage practices can be more costly than implementing effective storage solutions.
  • Maintaining Readiness for Use: Properly stored pool floats are always ready for use. This is particularly important for businesses in the water rental industry, where time and efficiency are key. Having floats that are clean, dry, and in good condition means they can be quickly deployed for customer use, enhancing the overall service experience.

Proper storage of pool floats is a vital practice that protects your investment, ensures safety, saves money, and maintains the readiness of the floats for immediate enjoyment. 

At Splash Sports, we recognize the importance of these practices and are committed to providing our customers with not just high-quality floats, but also the knowledge to care for them effectively. So, let’s guide you through how to store pool floats for winter or short-term below!

How to Store Pool Floats: Short and Long-Term Storage Tips

Storing pool floats effectively involves understanding the nuances between short-term and long-term storage. Whether you’re tucking them away for a few days or shutting down for the season, each approach requires specific techniques to ensure your floats stay in prime condition.

Indoor vs Outdoor Storage

First, you need to figure out where you’re going to store your pool floats. Indoor storage is ideal for long-term, especially during off-seasons, indoor storage protects floats from weather-related damage. 

A dry, cool environment prevents material degradation, color fading, and brittleness caused by exposure to elements. Garages, basements, or storage sheds are excellent choices, provided they’re well-ventilated to prevent mold and mildew buildup.

Conversely, outdoor storage is more suited for short-term or seasonal use, outdoor storage needs careful consideration.

If you must store floats outside, choose shaded, sheltered areas and use protective covers to guard against UV rays, rain, and debris. However, frequent monitoring is necessary to ensure they remain dry and undamaged. 

Utilizing Storage Accessories

Investing in the right accessories can simplify the storage process significantly. Wall-mounted racks or hooks are perfect for hanging deflated or partially inflated floats, keeping them off the ground and away from potential harm. 

Storage bins or boxes - especially those with ventilation - offer an excellent solution for keeping several smaller floats organized and protected. For larger, commercial facilities, customized shelving units can be designed to accommodate a larger number of floats efficiently.

Ideal Storage Conditions

Creating the right environment for your pool floats extends their lifespan. The ideal condition is a cool, dry, and clean space, away from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures. 

High humidity levels can lead to mildew growth, so consider using dehumidifiers in enclosed storage areas. Also, ensure the storage area is free from sharp objects or chemicals that could damage the floats.

Deflation and Folding Techniques

Proper deflation and folding are crucial, particularly for long-term storage. Before deflating, ensure the float is clean and completely dry. Deflate slowly and gently to avoid creases or stress on the seams. 

For folding, avoid sharp folds that could cause creases or weaken the material. Roll or fold the floats loosely, and if possible, store them in a flat, unstacked position to prevent them from getting misshapen.

If you came here specifically wondering how to store large pool floats, consider using straps or ties to keep them securely rolled without applying too much pressure.

Maximizing Space With Thoughtful Organization Systems

Efficient organization of pool floats is key to maximizing storage space, especially for businesses with extensive inventories. Implementing smart, space-saving systems not only streamlines storage but also simplifies retrieval and deployment.

Start by categorizing floats based on size, frequency of use, or type. This methodical approach not only saves space but also aids in quicker access.

Utilize wall space with mounted racks or pegboards. These systems allow for hanging floats vertically, freeing up floor space. Adjustable shelving units can also be employed for storing deflated or folded floats, making the best use of vertical space.

Look for underutilized areas such as under stairs or overhead garage spaces. Installing sliding drawers or ceiling-mounted pulley systems in these areas can create additional storage opportunities without encroaching on valuable floor space. 

Creative Pool Float Storage Ideas to Consider

Still not sure where to store your pool floats? We’ve compiled some of the most unique, creative pool float storage ideas we’ve seen to help you organize your arsenal:

  • Decorative Storage Bins: Large, stylish storage bins offer a practical yet aesthetically pleasing solution for storing smaller floats. These bins can be strategically placed poolside for easy access while complementing your outdoor decor. Opt for weather-resistant materials to ensure longevity and select designs that enhance the visual appeal of your pool area.
  • Custom-Built Float Cabinets: Tailor-made float cabinets can revolutionize your storage strategy. Designed to accommodate floats of various sizes, these cabinets can feature adjustable shelves and compartments, allowing for a highly organized and efficient storage system. Consider adding transparent doors for easy visibility or ventilated panels to facilitate air circulation, preventing mold and mildew.
  • Hanging Mesh Organizers: Lightweight and versatile, hanging mesh organizers are perfect for storing smaller, lightweight floats. These can be installed in garages or storage sheds, providing an accessible and breathable storage option. The mesh material allows for quick drying and prevents moisture accumulation.
  • Retractable Storage Units: For a seamless blend of functionality and design, retractable storage units are ideal. These can be extended for easy access during the pool season and retracted to save space and maintain the aesthetics of your pool area during the off-season.
  • Overhead Pulley Systems: Utilize the ceiling space in your garage or storage shed with an overhead pulley system. This ingenious solution allows you to store large or bulky floats above, freeing up valuable ground space. The pulley system also makes it easy to lower and raise the floats as needed.
  • Stackable Storage Crates: Optimize your storage area with stackable crates. These crates can be customized in size to fit various float dimensions and can be easily rearranged as per your storage needs. Their stackable nature makes them a space-efficient choice, particularly for commercial settings.
  • Outdoor Shelving Units: Incorporating shelving units into your poolside area or garden can provide a convenient and accessible storage solution. Choose materials that blend with the outdoor environment and ensure they are weather-resistant. These shelves can hold a variety of floats and are easily accessible for guests or customers.
  • Fence-Hanging Solutions: Transform the fences around your pool area into storage spaces using hooks or racks. This approach is especially useful for larger floats that are used frequently. Ensure the hooks are sturdy and weather-resistant for long-term use.
  • Convertible Poolside Furniture: Invest in poolside furniture that doubles as storage space. Benches or ottomans with hollow interiors provide an excellent place to tuck away floats while offering additional seating options.
  • Under-Deck Storage Drawers: If you have a raised deck near your pool, consider installing under-deck drawers. These hidden storage compartments can be custom-sized to fit a variety of floats and are an excellent way to utilize otherwise wasted space.
  • Garden Shed Transformations: Dedicate a section of your garden shed for float storage. Install racks or shelving units to keep them organized and easily accessible. This separate storage space can help keep your pool area clutter-free and ensure your floats are stored safely and securely.
  • Portable Storage Carts: For ultimate flexibility, use portable storage carts. These can be wheeled out to the pool area when needed and stored away in a shed or garage when not in use. Opt for carts with multiple levels to maximize storage capacity.

Maintaining Pool Floats During Off-Season

Even if you follow our advice on how to store pool floats for winter or short-term usage, proper maintenance is crucial to ensure your pool floats remain in pristine condition.

Periodically inspect stored floats for any signs of damage or wear. Early detection of issues like air leaks or mildew can prevent further damage.

If floats are stored in areas like basements or garages, ensure the environment is controlled to prevent extreme temperatures or humidity, which can damage the material.

For long-term storage, partially reinflate floats occasionally to maintain shape and integrity. This prevents creases and cracks that can develop in fully deflated floats over time.

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Final Thoughts on How to Store Pool Floats

In conclusion, effective use of pool float storage ideas is crucial for maintaining their longevity and ensuring safety. Remember, the key is to clean and dry your floats thoroughly, choose appropriate storage methods - be it indoor or outdoor - and utilize creative solutions to maximize space. 

Regular maintenance during the off-season will keep your floats in prime condition for years to come. Armed with these tips on how to store pool floats you can feel confident storing yours for the off-season!

At Splash Sports, we're dedicated to providing you with high-quality, durable pool floats and expert advice on their care. For a refreshed and exceptional range of inflatable pool floats, visit us at Splash Sports - your trusted partner in aquatic adventures.